About Us

Our customers are facing the most difficult challenges their businesses have ever known.  Together, we are partnering to implement advanced solutions that help address their business drivers, build strategic plans, execute tactical initiatives, and posture their business to meet the demanding needs of their customers.  Our approach to help solve these challenges is what separates us from the rest of the pack



Gene Walker, Chief Executive Officer


Leadership Team

Henry Cha, Chief Information Officer 

Harry Kovar, Member, Board of Advisors

George Pantos, Member, Board of Advisors

Rick Kohr, Member, Board of Advisors

John Suit, Member, Board of Advisors

William Jews, Member, Board of Advisors


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Headquarters 3060 Route 97 / Suite 290 / Glenwood, MD 21738
Sales 866.397.9731, info@hcifederal.com
Careers careers@hcifederal.com
Public Relations 866.397.9731, info@hcifederal.com Be a Solutions Provider SolutionProvider@hcifederal.com Technical Support 410.489.2700, support@hcifederal.com