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Healthcare Interactive Opens a New Sales Channel to Foster Software Opportunities and Drive Market Competition

May 5, 2010

COLUMBIA, MD--In an effort to broaden the healthcare IT platform market space, Healthcare Interactive (HCI) opens a new sales channel aimed at developing outlets for business and outsourcing of software platforms that helps employers lower their health plan expenses.

HCI’s interactive technology, Point to Point Healthcare™ (P2P), features a unique healthcare application warehouse that integrates healthcare services, data and applications from multiple vendors seamlessly on a single, secure Web interface. The integrated software may be resold by vendors engaged in benefits management, and P2P products may be distributed and private labeled.
The member engagement aspect of the application can build a company’s own new revenue stream, increase market penetration efforts, create a more competitive and unique business offering and open new channels themselves to remarket the technology through sub-distributors.
Another major business appeal is that additional services not necessarily packaged in P2P can directly be integrated into the platform, such as Rx pharmacy management services, Rx medical home capabilities, care management and disease management.
The new sales division will be headed by HCI’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Dan Cronin. Cronin has more than 20 years of executive software sales experience fostering multi-year contracts for Fortune 500 companies such as EMC, Oracle and Sybase.
“Our goal in working with other companies to rebrand and utilize our P2P technology is to effectively scale and drive market share for a brand new technology that will open doors for them and yield further software opportunities for us,” Cronin says. “There is a real potential for companies to add dimensionality to their business and embrace a healthcare application warehouse platform that will set them apart from like organizations.”
In the past, HCI has completed similar channel sales with the world’s largest privately-held investment bank, Cantor Fitzgerald, and aims to do business with companies that have roots to healthcare practices such as, but not limited to, consulting firms, third party administers, carriers, insurance companies, work site clinic vendors, municipalities and provider networks.