Point to Point for providers

An Integrated Technology Solution for Healthcare Performance Management

Point to Point for Providers (P2Pmd) seamlessly connects health care providers with their patients, integrating them into the medical home. In addition, embedded evidence based medicine standards alert physicians of potential gaps in care and non-compliance, while predictive models generated from health risk assessments (HRA’s), Rx claims data, and medical claims data provide holistic risk assessments for each patient.

The electronic patient management capability allows for the implementation of a customizable pay-for-performance system. In addition, P2Pmd supports both clinical and office staff of provider practices with a security model that allows for the distribution of PHI on a need-to-know basis, while providing ancillary users access to claims and payment status, scheduling, etc. supplying providers with enhanced information and changed incentives, made possible by a system such as P2Pmd, establishes component of Healthcare Performance Management.


P2Pmd Interface

Online clinical and administrative management and communications system
Dashboard for patient management – by risk level, alerts, and appointment time
Single secure communications portal with patients, staff, and other providers
Facilitates provider’s entry into medical home

View patient’s risk level
View patient’s current / past medication history












P2Pmd Features

P2Pmd enables providers to proactively monitor and manage the clinical care of patients from a web-based dashboard, with multiple administrative resources. With P2Pmd running throughout a provider network, additional programs are available such as a physician managed pharmacy benefit program (P2Prx), a customizable pay-for-performance program, and a fast pay electronic claims payment system.